1st Junior Player Invited by Olympiacos for an assessment

It is with great pleasure that we publish the announcement of the the 1st player invited by Olympiacos for an assessment.

Domenic commenced at our first initiative, our Helping Kids Football Centres, which is a place of refuge where he could discover himself in a place free of critical judgement. As he continued in this initiative, his confidence and his increased significantly.

On completion of this initiative, Domenic proceeded to the 2nd initiative, where he could improve his football game.

The 2nd initiative saw him continue to improve the standard of his football game, that was noticed by his teammates and parents. On completion of the football improvement, Domenic saw his skills had improved to such a level, that he now desired to pursue a professional career and thus requested to proceed to Initiative 3 – Talent ID Schools Junior Euro pathway.

While training for the European pathway, he continued to improve his skills and vision to a level where we identified him as having reaching an elite level whereby he could be presented to Olympiacos FC. Olympiacos FC saw his profile and invited him for an assessment.

Domenic has been booked to train at the Olympiacos academy in Sept 2022.

Watch his video here