1st Senior Australian Player Invited by Olympiacos for an assessment

Following our first tour to Senegal, it is with pleasure that we announce the senior identification of Simon. Simon was identified by one of our EPSN Euro pro scouts after his games from the first Annual Mens Pro Euro Pathway was viewed.

Upon his identification by the agent, the agent has requested his biography and other documentation to be provided and collated.

Using this information, the agent spend the next 8 weeks presenting his biography to the pro Euro clubs that would be fit his skill level. If one of these clubs expresses, their interest, Simon will receive a letter of invitation from the club, where he will be invited to trial. A successful trial will lead to a player contract, whereby Simon will relocate and commence his professional European career.


Simon has been us for a number of years, commencing at our first initiative, our Helping Kids Football Centre.

As a place of refuge where he could discover himself in a place free of critical judgement, Simon continued in this initiative whereby his confidence and his increased significantly. On completion of this initiative, Simon proceeded to the 2nd initiative, where he could improve his football game.

The 2nd initiative saw him continue to improve the standard of his football game, that was noticed by his teammates and parents. On completion of the football improvement, Simon’s skills had improved to such a level, that he now desired to pursue a professional career and thus requested to proceed to Initiative 4 – Annual Mens Pro Euro Pathway.

Simon spent 2022 preparing and training for this pathway, which has resulted in this agent identification.